raw materials and products

We are experts in purchasing management. In 2019 we bought 67 different coffee varieties to optimize the yields and product development of our clients.

The continuous study of blends allows us to adapt to each market, placing our product proposals in an optimal position against other manufacturers.

Our global presence enables us to advise you on changes, trends and innovations making us your best partner

our factories

Roastery la Isla
Main factory

Seville, Spain
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Tarragona, Spain
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Local origins & specialty coffee roastery



To reduce our carbon footprint and minimize the environmental impact, our pledge

Main Roastery.
Seville - Spain

  • Solar pannels
  • Reduce overall energy consumption by 24,81% per month

ECO roastery.
Tarragona- Spain

  • Uses biomass instead of fossil fuel to heat up the roaster
  • Lower energy consumption
  • No cross contamination . Only organic coffee is produced
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Dos Hermanas, Sevilla