Master coffee blender ever since 1897. In every cup of Catunambú coffee, you can savour heritage, passion, togetherness and joy of life.
Tea Quiero
We guarantee each customer a sustainable and excellent quality tea experience. With Tea Quiero each cup of tea is a gift for your body and for your spirit.
Our mission is to create the perfect premium coffee that can be enjoyed knowing that everything has been done to reduce our impact on the planet.
La Rocca Exprés
Machines are 100% handmade, assembled individually with care and dedication by our professionals with years of experience
Six four
There is no such thing as the best cup of coffee. Every coffee drinker has its preferences and just want a cup of coffee they can enjoy.
Cafés civit
From its beginnings to the present day, we continue roasting and packing Coffee for our customers, so that its aroma and flavour continues to be the hallmark that sets them apart.
Our priority is quality, that is why we choose suppliers that guarantee the maximum care in their collection and transport, to keep the beans in optimal conditions of freshness.
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Dos Hermanas, Sevilla